Top 9 Ways How Internet Technology has Changed Marketing

This blog is about the Top 9 Ways How Internet Technology has Changed Marketing.

The difference between past marketing and present marketing will be discussed in this article in detail.

I hope you are familiar with traditional marketing. That is how people market their products or services.

Traditional marketing also is known as outbound marketing.

Traditional marketing includes the traditional methods of reaching your audience.

Such as advertisements in the newspapers, advertisement banners, messages advertisements, tv commercials, etc.

But now with the invention of the internet, traditional marketing is completely changing. The Internet is the latest technology, accessible everywhere around the world.

Now people market their products and services through the internet. Marketing through the internet is also called inbound marketing.

Internet marking is the process of promoting your business, products, and services and reach to your audience through the internet,

Most people like to buy their desired products from their comfort zone, setting on their sofa.

And it is possible on the internet, through the internet you can see and orders your desired product and service for yourself.

The Internet has completely changed the way of marketing.

The basic aim of this article is to know about how the internet changes traditional marketing to online or digital marketing.

Top 9 Ways How Internet Technology Has Changed Marketing

Ways how the internet has changed traditional marketing to online marketing are given below.

1. Google Marketing

Google is the most popular and useable search engine of all the search engines. Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

Through which you can market your services and products.

Google AdWords is one of the best advertising and promoting services from Google, which can promote your service and products easily.

But Google AdWords is paid you have to pay them for promoting your product and service. Another famous thing about google is SEO (search engine optimization) and SEO is free of cost.

just you have to learn a few factors about SEO and make your content and keywords according to them.

if you want to rank your product and service in the top results of the Google search engine, then you have to do SEO of your products and service to rank in the google top results.

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SEO is actually depending on the keywords and content. 200 plus factors google can check about the products for SEO.

You have just to make your content according to the SEO factors.

And it will rank in the top results of the google search engine. It helps a lot in the marketing of the business.

2. Social Media Marketing

Top 9 Ways How Internet Technology has Changed Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social media are the communicative platforms, through which people can share their views, communicate, and share stories with other people around the world.

There are more than 50 million businesses that use different kinds of social media platforms.

Most businesses use social media for marketing their business and directly communicating with their customers.

Customers also can give a review of the products and services of the businesses on social media.

Most companies try to get positive reviews from customers to promote their business to other people.

Also, people can do free and paid promotions of their products and services on social media to reach a large number of people and promote their business on social media.

Facebook is the most popular source of marketing nowadays on social media.

If a business not making a presence on social media tells people that this business is out of time or not beneficial.

3. Online Reviews of Your Customers

Most people like to buy products and services from the opinions and recommendations of others.

Before the internet, it was very difficult for people to find and buy the right good products and services.

They use to ask people about the products and services, which one is best and which one is worst.

They could buy that product.

But now with the help of technology and the internet, you can easily find thousands of reviews from customers about your products.

Through this, you can make improvements in your business products and services.

4. Grab a Large Amount of Audience

Top 9 Ways How Internet Technology has Changed Marketing
Grab a Large Amount of Audience

People like to use marketing through the internet instead of traditional marketing because through the internet we can easily grab a large amount of audience in less time.

Approximately 77 million people use the internet and around 50 million people use social media.

Through the internet, we can easily target and reach the audience who has an interest in our services and products.

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Before the internet and social media people use traditional methods for marketing their products.

They use to print out banners and place them on boards on the roadsides and walls for the people to see and interact.


Give it to the newspapers and television commercials, which was not as beneficial for the businesses.

But now there is no need for people to print out advertisement banners for marketing their products.

They can easily grab a large audience through the internet and different social media platforms.

5. E-commerce Website

Most companies make an eCommerce website store for their businesses and sell their products and services to people.

An eCommerce store can be self-business or it can be 3rdpaty like Amazon and eBay. Business can sell their products through the 3rd party e-commerce stores amazon.

Also, people can be an affiliate with Amazon and sell their products through their own affiliate blogs.

Nowadays people become lazy they didn’t want to go out of the supermarkets and search for their desired products to buy.

They want to get all the information about the product easily from home.

Ecommerce websites increase the productivity of the profit of businesses. People like to use eCommerce websites for buying products.

That business that doesn’t have any kind of website falling from the business market

Because people trust those businesses that provide their complete information and customer support through the website.

And feel free to buy products from it.

One of the best things about the e-commerce website is, we can target any place, while physical stores’ business is geographically restricted.

6. Analytics of Your Business

Analytics of Your Business
Analytics of Your Business

Before the internet, there was nothing to check the analytics and customers’ response toward your products and services.

People were just investing money in advertisements and promotions of their products and didn’t know about their product analytics, whether its branding is increasing or not.

But with the help of internet marketing, we can easily check the analytics and our customer’s responses towards our business.

And the revenue of our business.

The Internet identifies the activities of the customers and helps you to know about your customer’s responses.

Analytics helps us in improving our products and services to increase the engagement of our customers toward our business.

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7. Speed Marketing

Continue from the 1st, Through the internet, we can easily and speedy market our products and services.

As I say before through the internet and social media, we can grab an easily large amount of audience in less time.

Traditional marketing takes a lot of time to market your products and services to people.

But with internet advertisements and social media platforms, we can easily reach our audience in less time.

It increases the customer’s response to your product and service.

This is how the internet changes traditional marketing to online marketing.

8. Internet Decrease in Marketing Cost

Internet Decrease in Marketing Cost
Internet Decrease in Marketing Cost

Before the internet people invested a lot of money in advertisement and promotions of their businesses.

They used traditional methods for promoting and advertising their businesses, like printing posters and banners, designing, writing, etc.

Which cost a lot of money?

But with the help of the internet and social media marketing we can easily promote our business in very fewer amounts or free of cost.

Through social media, we can easily promote our business free of cost or in less amount, and reach our audience.

With the help of the internet, everything is available at the click of a button. There is no need to pay extra money for printing and designing.

So, this is how the internet changes marketing.

9. Email Marketing

Marketing also can be done through emails.

Emails also called electronic mail, through which people can contact and communicate with others.

And emails didn’t work without access to the internet.

Emails can be used to make a relationship between customers and businesses. Customers and businesses can communicate with each other through emails.

Nowadays different popular companies use emails for sharing the latest news about their products with their customers.

Also gives them recommendations on previous orders and searches.

Customers can also give feedback and reviews about the products to their companies.

That the company improves its products and services according to its customer reviews and feedback.

Also, the business can send invitations to their customers to inform them about their new products and services, and improvements.

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So, these are the Top 9 Ways How Internet Technology has Changed Marketing, I hope you have gone through them.

If you found it helpful share it with others.

Thanks for Reading.

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